Strawberries from the Garden

Strawberries from the Garden

Feb 24, 2011

Potatoes or Border Collie?

If you're wondering why there is a choice between potatoes and a border collie, it's a funny story. (until harvest time!) We have a young border collie named Luna, she's about 14 months old. I don't know if she's outgrown her puppy ways, I'm not ready to find out!

Last year Luna discovered she loved raw potato, especially if she dug it up out of my garden! She managed to rearrange all planted potatoes, dig up a lot, and dig endlessly in search of more. No surprise, harvest was almost equal to the amount planted. So in the interest of precious garden space and an otherwise very good puppy, I choose the border collie over the potatoes!

If you do decide to plant potatoes, I find the perfect companion plant to be beans. You can plant rows of beans in between the rows of potatoes or plant a couple of teepees of pole beans at either end of your potato bed.

So, Luna and I will enjoy the garden a little more this year. Now if I can just keep her out of the fresh peas.

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  1. She's super cute! I have a Lab/Border Mix and a Catahoula Cattle dog, and we just moved into a new house. And I haven't figured out how to deter them from the new gardens I'm planning just yet.

  2. Hi Noelle, I wanted to talk with you about this...

    Please drop me a note if you're interested in speaking more!

  3. xinefly-
    I found I can keep Luna out of my raised beds, unless a frisbee or ball lands in one. Then it's all over! The potatoes for whatever reason were just too tempting! Maybe I should try planting them when she is not around!

    I also made the mistake of giving her a fresh pea. She's no dummy! When I pick peas, she's right there waiting. She adds a whole new level of fun to gardening!

  4. Very funny about Luna! Our Irish Setter used to stand on her hind legs and "pick" peaches off our peach tree. She would lay in the backyard all summer eating fresh peaches!