Strawberries from the Garden

Strawberries from the Garden

Feb 22, 2011

Planning for Companion Gardening

Baby it's cold outside!
When it is too cold to do anything outside in the garden, I stay inside and layout my plan for this year's garden. I plan by neighborhoods, or families of plants. I also do a lot of successive planting which means there is always something to plant, something growing, and something ready to harvest. As I mentioned earlier, my garden notebook keeps me organized.

How does my garden keep growing? 
What am I planning for this year? First of all, as I look at my notes and look outside, I realize I lost track of how many 'planting' areas I have. (oops!) I have 8 raised beds for veggies, 1 coldframe, 2 half size raised beds for strawberries and blueberries, and 4 other planting areas around the raised beds where I manage to squeeze plants in as needed.

What neighborhoods am I planning?
Beds #1 and #6 are Roots & Greens
Beds #2 and # 7 are Cabbage
Beds #3 and #5 are Squash & Legume
Beds #4 and #8 are Tomato
#9 = cold frame (currently, carrots and lettuce)
#10 = open for now
#11= Blueberries
#12 = Strawberries
#13 = open for now
#14 = Asparagus
#15 = Herbs

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