Strawberries from the Garden

Strawberries from the Garden

Feb 9, 2013

Check out a great site for gardening advice

Varieties You Select
A great site to check out for all of your gardening basics is a site put together by the University of Maryland's College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. The site is called Grow It! Eat It! Here is the link:
Grow It! Eat It!

Their current post discusses the many benefits of starting your own seeds indoors and even gives you easy directions to follow to make your own PVC light stand that can be used.

Also on the site, you may find the Vegetable Planting Calendar useful. I have included a link here;
Vegetable Planting Calendar for Central Maryland

I hope to work on transplanting seedlings tomorrow, I'll post my progress then.

Control Over Growing Conditions
It takes some extra time, planning, and an investment in the beginning, but ultimately, I can't imagine not starting all of my plants from seed anymore. It's so wonderful selecting all of your favorite varieties and then nurturing them from seed to table. Plus, it means I can dig in the dirt a little in February!
More Varieties Available in Seeds

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