Strawberries from the Garden

Strawberries from the Garden

Jan 22, 2017

Digging in the Dirt Again!

The garden books are out and I have started a new journal for the garden. It's been too long! The stresses of my day job and a knee injury turned my world upside down for a little bit which meant gardening just wasn't an option. While I know it was the best choice, I have really missed digging in the dirt. There is just something about it that brings a sense of calm to my life.

I've set up the plant rack with lights and trays. I've ordered seeds and written them all in my garden notes. I looked at my garden layout and made a few small changes. I think I need to add a couple of small beds. It's going to be a really busy spring due to needing to replace some of the raised beds. They've lasted about 8-9 years, but there are some rotting beds that need to be rebuilt.

The next step will be to plan out my indoor starting of my seeds in trays. Although I'll only be able to use a few fingers at this point, at least I'll finally be digging in the dirt again! 

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